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If you adopted the piggies from us:

  • Please contact us so we can setup a date and time for surrendering. There are no fees associated with this. You may also find an acceptable home for them yourself. Please let those people know about us for any future questions they may have. Please do not bring them to a shelter where many piggies are euthanized each day. We will never turn you down for a return!!

If you did not adopt the piggies from us

  1. There is a surrender fee of $75 per piggy. This fee is used to help us care for them while here and also to get them spayed/neutered and see a veterinarian. If your guinea pig is spayed/neutered and has seen an approved exotic animal veterinarian in the last 12 months this fee is only $50 per piggy. Paperwork must be shown and verified before surrendering. In certain cases the fee may be waived. We also require that you donate any items you have for them.
  2. We do not accept guinea pigs at all times and is based on space available, breed type, gender, and age. We usually house around 60 guinea pigs and sometimes we don’t have room for more. Sometimes certain breeds are in demand at a certain time; sometimes gender is also in demand. Rescue work is tough and our availability can change daily so please be patient.
  3. Send us an email to: with pictures, ages, genders, and acknowledgement of our surrender terms. We will then contact you and determine if we can take your piggies in or not or place you on a waiting list.

Why is there no fee for people that have adopted from you?

As part of our adoption contract we agree to take back guinea pigs that are adopted from us. We believe that being responsible for each guinea pig that is placed into a home until they pass over the rainbow bridge is the appropriate ideal for our organization.

There are other options for surrender!!

If we are unable to take your guinea pig in please be kind and find a good home for him/her. Do not let it run wild as he/she will not last long and most likely will suffer a slow, painful and  horrible death from being eaten by another animal, heatstroke, or starvation. These are domestic animals and cannot fend for themselves in the wild! Did you know that wild cavies are extinct and guinea pigs currently are only found as domesticated pets and as farm animals?

Our recommendations for other places:

We do NOT recommend websites that have classified ads such as craigslist or hoobly because those sites are full of scammers and animal abuser/eaters.